Palestine & Israel

Just for a record …. since year 2000….

2171 children are killed by Israel in Palestine ….

That’s the official record while no journalist or media were freely reporting or given access ….

War crimes are committed against poor people by them few cruel international superpowers …

Western countries and the media won’t let it go to spread the propagandas by Labelling innocent children as terrorist …

Imagine someone for 20 years killing your two thousand children here in Europe ? Would you still need justification to fight back that cruel enemy ?

Truth is bitter …. there are international armed forces /military bases in Djibouti 🇩🇯 and thousands n thousands of soldiers there from all superpowers like US – Uk- France – China , but none would dare to check on what’s happening in the region or nearby ?

Why would they care or work for humanitarian relief or peace ?

All they care about their own trades and money.

Arab world leaders have failed to save innocent children .

Like wouldnt it be better to accommodate whole of Palestine population in some other part of the Arabian continent ???

They have land , they have oil , they have even wealth to build a whole new country for them children …. Let it be the peaceful way of solving the ongoing crisis with Isreal .

Let them be on that land , let it be their home … get them children out of that bloody land and give them a place to live .




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