The Untold Story of Kohat Insider

I really want to write this in either Kohat Hindko or Pashto. Urdu is the 3rd option and English is 4th .

Right , so the story is , back in year 2010, there was boom in IT. Smart phones were like something new , iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s were just amazing. In Kohat , very few people were aware about the power of social media. A close friend of mine was once an admin of ”beautiful Kohat Facebook page” about beautiful Kohat , I will share one day some very insider shocking and disturbing details. May be a new subject for my blog lolx.

So back in 2005 onward we very using YouTube and Facebook for just Pashto songs or some very disturbing videos about bomb blast and all that crap sad news. there was no sign of other apps or social platforms that we as Kohatians were using . may be well before that , our older batch may know about Hotmail and yahoo chat rooms. but well that is history and only legends know how we used to work harder and connect our old desktop computers to wired internet etc.

So then later on YouTube and Facebook was a thing .. a thing mean something very few people regular use or know or could understand that it will become something that big and famous. I still remember Kohat had very few print media newspaper. After Beautiful Kohat news, everyone in Kohat just jump into social media and if I start counting about the news pages only for Kohat , It will be more than 50.

Mostly them social media pages are locally influenced , scared , or running on some politically motivated agendas and financially backed by goons, politicians, local rich people or let me be very honest, people who want to be little famous and have online exposure. I can literally identify pages and newspapers and channels that are fully corrupt like our politicians and government.

Anyway let me come back to Kohat Insider , after seeing all them social media pages and online crap about our city, I decided to run a fun news page with no religious or political affiliation to anyone.

whatever is true, whatever is near to the realistic approach, will share and will rise a voice about anything that seems unfair. I will also try to add up as much as possible comedy and humour to it but still there will be a lot of criticism and a lot anger among these very few other so called fake journalist or content writers or youtubers or Tiktok content makers.

Once again, we welcome you to Kohat Insider and please share and support your local city page .

Allah Pa Amaan

Admin Kohat insider

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